The Last Game

Tonight was Turkey’s last baseball game of the summer.

He had a really great season. His coach was awesome, and most of his teammates were pretty cool, too. It was amazing to watch how much he improved over the last few months. His hitting is so much better, and he’s swinging the bat with much more confidence.

What I was really impressed with, though, was how his understanding of the game has improved. He really gets it, now, whether in a game he’s playing, or one he’s watching on TV, (or in person). He has good instincts, too, especially when he’s fielding. He can really see what’s happening, and what needs to happen for his team to be successful. His execution has improved, as well. And he loves it, which is the most important thing. I’m sure we have many years of baseball ahead of us, hopefully with the same coach, and many of the same teammates.

They won tonight, by the way. And had a winning season. So everyone was happy!

2 thoughts on “The Last Game

  1. Geremy says:

    I thought the middle coach was leaning on the kid on the left. Did a triple take before I saw the fence.
    Good job, Turkey!

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