What We’re Reading–Third Grade

Here’s a list of the books we’ll be reading this year in third grade, either as read-alouds, or readers for Turkey and Bunny to work on independently. Many of them are part of the Adventures in My Father’s World curriculum, or their book basket list, but a good deal of them are extra books I chose to complement our studies. Some of them have been read before, either in school, or for pleasure. This list doesn’t include any books I may add as we go along, or whatever books Turkey and Bunny will choose to read on their own–and I’m sure there will be many of those, as well, thanks to the library!

History/General Reading:


Christmas/Nutcracker: (This year, we’ll be learning about Christmas throughout American history, using the American Girl books as a guide to different decades.)



It’s interesting to note that the reading level of these books is all over the place. Some are early readers, which are obviously easy for Turkey and Bunny at this point, but are still useful for learning. Others are full-length novels, and will be challenging for them, both in reading level and content, but will also be good learning tools. One thing is for certain–our curriculum is definitely literature heavy!

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