They Used to Just Play “Duck, Duck, Goose”

Most children love playing “duck, duck, goose,” right? Our children are no exception, and recently, they have rediscovered this game. Apparently, though, the original game is too boring, because they hadn’t played too many rounds before different variations started popping up.

First was “blueberry, blueberry, orange.” This was a Vacation Bible School game a few years ago, and it is exactly the same game, it’s just played with different words. That amused them for a while, and then they started wondering what else they could play.

Bunny came up with “bunny, bunny, bunny, boing,” which involves getting a drink of water if you tag somebody, (yes, our children seem to have come up with their first drinking game…I’m really looking forward to their high school years!), and landing in the “burrow” instead of the “mushpot” if you get caught.

Turkey’s version was “Jedi, Jedi, Jedi, Sith,” which, as far as I can tell, doesn’t have any rule changes at all–it just incorporates one of his favorite things into the game. He did rename the “mushpot,” however–it became the jail cell.

Moose wanted to play “mail, mail, mail, man.” Again, the rules are the same, but the mushpot becomes the mailbox, and the person in it is the letter. Can you tell that Blue’s Clues is very popular around here?

And Ladybug? She doesn’t care what it’s called, she just wants to play. And landing in the “mushpot” doesn’t dissuade her–she thinks that that’s great fun, too!

It’s nice to see that they’ve found many ways to be creative with a classic game!

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