Baby Update

Today, I had my (almost) 14 week doctor visit. The highlight of the appointment was hearing the heartbeat for the first time via the doppler, which the doctor found right away. This was a big relief to me–I’ve had early appointments in previous pregnancies where he had to hunt a bit for the heartbeat, and time always seems to slow down when that happens, as I tried desperately to remain calm. I was hoping I wouldn’t have any reason to panic today, and thankfully, I didn’t!

I also got to schedule the appointment for the big ultrasound for five weeks from now. The children are very excited about this event, and everyone is guessing, (or confidently declaring), what they think this baby will be. We’ve never gotten to share this part of a pregnancy with older children, and it’s proving to be quite fun!

So, everything looks good. With every day that passes, I feel a little more relaxed about the pregnancy, and more confident that things are going well. I had forgotten just how much fun pregnancy is, (especially now that I don’t constantly feel sick anymore!).

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