Unexpected in October

This year’s MLB postseason has been nothing if not surprising.

The Cardinals weren’t even “supposed” to be here. They were so far behind the Braves in the Wild Card race that they shouldn’t have even been a threat. But the Braves started losing, and the Cards kept winning, and all of a sudden, the Redbirds had clinched the Wild Card spot, without even having to play a tie-breaker game.

Then the Cardinals had to face the Phillies, a team they had actually cheered on in beating the Braves to assure that they could avoid that tie-breaker. Most sports writers were confident that the Phillies would win, and many thought it would be a sweep. So the Cards weren’t “supposed” to win the NLDS, either, and yet they took it to game five, and won the series.

The Cardinals next opponent was the Brewers, a team that they struggled against all season. Again, most predicted that the Brewers would win, although they did admit that it would probably go to six or seven games. But the Cards were definitely not “supposed” to win against the team with the best home record in baseball. It did take six games, but the Cards came through again, and won the pennant.

I have no idea what predictions there are about the World Series, but at this point, I no longer care. In this unexpected postseason, it seems as though anything can happen, and most usually does. But if anyone tells me that the Cardinals aren’t “supposed” to win the Fall Classic, I’ll just laugh. What they’ve done best this season is everything that they weren’t “supposed” to do!

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