Third Grade: Week Nine Wrap-Up

Sorry I’m a day late. An unexpected doctor’s appointment yesterday got in the way.

I’ve really been enjoying our history lessons for the last few weeks. We’ve been learning about people and events leading up the American Revolution. Last week was Ben Franklin, this week George Washington, Paul Revere, and the Boston Tea Party. I think that this is my favorite time period in American history, which makes it really fun for me to teach.

As a teacher, whether in a public, private, or home school setting, you’re simply not going to enjoy every single thing you teach. Even within a favorite subject, there could be certain topics that bore you, or that you don’t completely grasp, or that you just don’t like. And what about subjects you really don’t like? It’s unavoidable, although it’s important not to let on to your students when you don’t like a subject, because they’ll pick up on it and potentially mimic it. That’s why it’s so important to really embrace the subjects you love, and have fun with teaching them. It’s helps mitigate the mundane, yet necessary things that also need to be taught, and shows your students how much you love learning, too!

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