The end of the baseball season, even an amazing season like the one the Cardinals had, is bittersweet. There were so many great moments this year–victories, comebacks, and great plays. So many great players–Cards vets like Albert Pujols and Yadier Molina, other vets new to the Cards organization like Lance Berkman and Rafael Furcal, young players just getting started like Danny Descalso and October hero David Freese. And so many weird, memorable incidents–mainly, the Rally Squirrel and the presence of Torty Craig on Twitter and in conversations.

But, no matter how good next season may be, (12 in ’12, anyone?), it will never be the same. This exact team will never again play together, because like it or not, some players will no longer be part of the Cardinals organization next year. While there may be new weird moments, the things that happened this year that made this season so special will fade away. And the comebacks that we experienced this year, from being 10 1/2 games out in August, to the improbable wins versus the Phillies and the Brewers, and especially the multiple comebacks in game six of the World Series will likely never happen again, and should never happen again–those were once in a lifetime moments.

So, the championship victory was amazing. The celebration has been fun. The new heroes born in October in St. Louis will never be forgotten. But just like New Year’s Eve, you look back and realize that while things in the future may be just as good, they will never be the same, and you look forward knowing that you’re looking a different kind of experience, that will provide new, amazing opportunities, but will never again be a match for the things that have gone before.

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