Third Grade: Week Ten Wrap-Up

(Due to World Series excitement, I completely forgot about this until today!)

Not a lot to report from this week. We’re continuing our overview of American History, this week focusing on Thomas Jefferson and the Declaration of Independence, as well as the early American flag. I overheard Bunny reading the Declaration out loud later in the week, so I guess she really enjoyed learning about it!

We’re continuing to plug away at Latin, adding the second declension to our repertoire. Again, the children are learning it much faster than I am–I continue to be astounded at how quickly their brains soak up and adapt to another language. Hopefully, when we start learning French in a year or two, they will continue to take to it so well!

We abandoned our regular science lessons this week for a series of nature walks, complete with magnifying glass. We examined bugs and leaves, berries and grasses, and especially dandelions. It’s amazing how many more things the children notice when they have a magnifying glass through which to look at them! It was fun to take a break from our routine and do something a little different, and it really gave us a chance to enjoy all the beautiful fall colors as well!


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