The Tie Breaker

With two boys and two girls in the family already, we knew that this baby was obviously going to be a tie breaker. Today was ultrasound day, where we hoped to find out who was going to “win.” I’m happy to announce that the balance of power in our household has tipped in favor of the girls!

Our little Chickadee, (nickname subject to change), was mostly cooperative during the ultrasound, although I’m having another one in four weeks, because she was doing her best to hide her heart. Everything looks good, though, and I was especially relieved that I no longer need to live in fear of the one pregnancy complication I knew was possible, and potentially dangerous.

While we were out, I stopped to buy her a “going home outfit” at the Carter’s store, (I like to plan ahead). I figure the weather in March will be similar to the weather now, so the timing was perfect. I was quite shocked to remember just how tiny newborn clothes are, though!

Today was a great day, and I’m happy that we can now give this little person a name, (and grateful that I can stop trying to come up with a boy name, because that wasn’t going very well!)!

5 thoughts on “The Tie Breaker

  1. Uncle Ken says:

    I thought the name “Questionmarkel” was adorable. Guess I can’t use it anymore since the question’s been answered!

  2. Thanks! I have to admit, I’m kind of amused that our oldest and youngest will share a birth month…and Turkey agrees! He’s very excited about having the baby born close to his birthday!

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