Why I Have the Best Husband Ever

On Monday, after the big ultrasound where we learned we’re having a girl, Ryan took us all out to dinner. Not just any dinner, but our favorite restaurant to go to if we happen to be in St. Louis–Seamus McDaniel’s. Home of the best burger in the metro area, if not the world. We all love going there, so this was a big treat.

That’s not why Ryan is the best husband ever, though…that’s just why he’s pretty great!

After dinner, he stopped at 7-11 to get the children slurpees, (he’s also the best dad ever), a rare treat since we are severely lacking in the 7-11 department in Southern Illinois. But, when we have the chance, it’s one of those things from our childhood that we really like sharing with our children. They really enjoyed their special dessert.

But I still haven’t gotten to the part where he’s the best husband ever.

For the better part of the last week, I had been craving saganaki. What can I say? This baby has a very ethnically diverse palette! This is another food item that isn’t easy to find in our area, though. So, on the way home from 7-11, he stopped at Olympia Kebob House, and got me a “dessert,” too–an order of saganaki!

There are no words to describe how very delicious that cheese was. But, it was exactly as I had been imagining it for the last week, and I enjoyed every last bite.

Definitely the best husband ever!

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