Third Grade: Week Eleven Wrap-Up

One of the things I love most about homeschooling is the flexibility it allows us.

This week, for example, we were scheduled to finish up the American Revolution in our history curriculum. I decided that I wanted to really go in-depth on this topic, partly because I enjoy it, but mostly because I think an understanding of how our country got its start is very important to understanding and appreciating the history that follows. So, I decided that other than our Bible lessons, we were going to scrap the rest of our studies for the week, so that we could focus all of our attention on the Revolution.

We read books about and/or set during this time period. We wrote about key figures and events in the War. We talked about the issues that led to the founding of America, and how they’re still important. We spent a lot of time watching through the Liberty’s Kids DVD series again.

Another thing I love about homeschooling is the ability to use lots of different sources for education. Something like Liberty’s Kids would probably be impossible to watch in its entirety in a public (or even private) school setting, but at home, we can make time for it. Yes, it’s a TV show, but it has been instrumental in all of my children, from Turkey on down to Ladybug, learning about, and remembering, key people and events during the Revolutionary period. I’m very grateful that we have such resources at our disposal, because I’ve found that learning the same topic in different ways really helps reinforce learning, and make it much more memorable.

Don’t be afraid of changing things up from time to time–there’s no law that says you have to focus on every subject every day, (or week), as long as you’re giving all subjects a good, comprehensive overview over the course of the school year!

2 thoughts on “Third Grade: Week Eleven Wrap-Up

  1. Amanda,
    Thank you for your interesting and informative post. I am also homeschooling a 3rd grader and love mixing up our lesson plans so that we can really get involved in a subject. I haven’t used Liberty’s Kids but I see they are on Netflix. My son will be delighted when I tell him we will be watching cartoons next week! Allia

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