The Jesse Tree–Day One

The children were very excited to start our Jesse Tree today. I got a small, pre-lit Christmas tree on clearance last year, so instead of sticking the ornaments to a poster board tree on the wall, we get to actually hang them up. For some reason, this makes it an even more exciting activity!

Today’s reading started at the very beginning–literally. We read the account of the sixth day of creation (Genesis 1:26-31), and talked about how Jesus was present even then. In the coming days, the readings will focus mostly on people, starting with Adam and Eve, and ending with Jesus Himself.

This is still a relatively new tradition for our family, but it’s one I hope we’ll be enjoying for many years to come!

3 thoughts on “The Jesse Tree–Day One

  1. Laura says:

    Hi, I see this is a really old post, but I’d love to start this tradition with my family; where did you get the pictures to color?

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