The Jesse Tree–Day Four

Today we read about Abraham and Sarah, also known as Abram and Sarai before their names were changed (Genesis 12:1-7; Hebrews 11:8-12), packing up and leaving for Canaan at God’s command. This was a good chance to talk about Abraham being the start of the Israelite people, even though it would be his grandson that would actually bear the name Israel. We also talked a bit about the similarities between Abraham setting off for the unknown land of Canaan, and the Israelites leaving Egypt with almost as much uncertainty to go back there, (that discussion will continue in a few days when we learn about Moses and Joshua).

The camel on the ornament did cause a bit of confusion initially, because the children’s assumption was that we would be learning about the Magi. Once I explained Abraham’s caravan, however, they understood why such a beast would be necessary!

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