Tasty Tuesday–Amighetti’s

No tour of the hill would be complete without a stop at Amighetti’s, whether you’re buying bread or cookies to take home, or sitting down and eating in their cafe.

What Amighetti’s is most famous for is sandwiches, particularly the “Amighetti’s Special,” which has roast beef, ham, salami, brick cheese, pepperoncini, and their secret dressing, (among other toppings), all on their famous bread. Ryan’s a big fan of this sandwich!

I’m more partial to the pastrami sandwich, which is fairly similar, in that it has the same dressing, cheese bread, and toppings, (but hold the pickles on mine please! At least while I’m pregnant!), but the meat is obviously different.

They also have an impressive selection of cookies, which they sell by the pound. It’s fun just looking in the case, but actually trying to decide which one you want to sample? That’s quite a challenge!

Amighett’s is also a Toys for Tots drop off location–and if you bring in a donation, they’ll give you a free loaf of their amazing bread. That’s a win-win situation if I ever saw one!

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