A Christmas Confession

I have a confession to make.

I didn’t put out my nativity scene this year.

I know that this sounds contrary to everything I’ve ever said about Christmas, but I have a good reason. At least it’s a good reason for me.

For our first Christmas as a married couple, I ordered a very “cute” nativity scene. I fell in love with it when I saw it, it wasn’t terribly expensive, and it seemed like the perfect purchase for our first Christmas together. Something to remember that year by, and something that we could use every year thereafter.

That nativity scene is a little untraditional, though. The figures are all snow people, from the wise men to Mary to the baby Jesus. (The animals, for some reason, are actual animals, though, not snow animals.)

As the years have gone by, and for some reason, especially as the children have gotten older, I’ve grown a little uncomfortable with the set. With each passing year, it’s seemed a little more irreverent, a little more disrespectful. I’m not saying I have anything against cutesy nativity scenes; I certainly wouldn’t think twice about it if I saw one in someone else’s home. But in our home, it’s grown to bother me to the point that I just dread putting it out every year, and it certainly doesn’t get put in a high traffic area. So this year, I thought I’d save myself the mental frustration and just not bother at all.

I’m thinking about buying a new nativity scene this week. I saw one over the weekend that I’m pretty sure was on sale, and I may just go back and get it. If not, I’ll be saving my money all year to buy at least the foundation for a nice Fontanini set next Christmas. But I just can’t bear to look at a snowman depicting baby Jesus anymore, as much as it bothers me not to have a nativity scene  set up at all this year.

At least the children have their Little People and Playmobil sets. We’re not completely devoid of the true reason for the season in our holiday decorations!

5 thoughts on “A Christmas Confession

  1. Uncle Ken says:

    You’ll be happy to know that the one you bought me is on display at my house. So, in a way, you’re responsible for one on display somewhere. That counts, right?

  2. My mom found some great unbreakable (or at least hard to break) traditional looking ones after Christmas last year for use at our church. The kids love to play with them and they are holding up well. Perhaps you will be able to find something good on sale soon?

    • I think the CPH bookstore, (not the website), already has their Christmas stuff on sale, so I may check there tomorrow. I could look the day after Christmas, too, I suppose…after all, that’s when the 12 Days of Christmas are just starting, right? Our house really feels naked with a nativity scene–I need to fix it!

  3. In my childhood I lived with an aunt who bought a Hummel Nativity set one piece at a time. It was a lesson to me in putting a little money aside whenever you could in order to have something very nice to cherish. And it was exciting to have a new figure or two each year until it was complete.

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