University of Michigan Attire on a Moose?!?

When looking at my blog stats this morning, I noticed that someone had found my blog searching for the term, “University of Michigan attire on a moose.”

I find this funny on several levels.

First of all, the fact that someone was able to find my blog via such an obscure phrase is funny to me. It could make me wonder what the heck I write about, (if I didn’t know me better already)!

Second is the fact that I automatically knew what blog post turned up from that search. It was, of course, my Moose, wearing a U of M football jersey earlier this year. It makes total sense to me, in retrospect, but I sure didn’t intend that kind of search result when I wrote it!

Third, and most amusing, is the fact that someone was searching for this at all. I’m 100% certain that whoever searched for that term didn’t intend to find a picture of a child. I’m assuming that they were looking for a picture of an actual moose, wearing a U of M jersey or other apparel. And I really wish *I* could see that picture when they find it, because despite how cute Moose was in my photo, I think a real moose in any kind of attire would be a much more interesting sight to see!

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