A Funny Conversation

Turkey says the funniest things when he isn’t trying to be funny at all!

A few days ago, while the children were sitting at the kitchen table, I was cleaning out the pantry. I discovered that somebody, (Bunny), had started a new bag of cereal when there was still some of the exact same kind of cereal in an already open bag. There were plenty of excuses as to why this happened, but I wasn’t buying it. So, I explained to the children that stuff like that, (and putting the milk back in the fridge with only a tablespoon left in the carton), makes me feel annoyed inside.

Without even looking up from what he was doing, Turkey said, very matter-of-factly, “It seems like you’re feeling annoyed outside, too.”

I, of course, started laughing, because he was right. It wouldn’t have been nearly so funny if he hadn’t said it in a completely deadpan tone, but his delivery of the line was perfect. He always says that he’s not funny, because he can’t turn a phrase like his sister, but he’s wrong–he definitely has the sarcastic humor thing down!

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