Turkey Talk

This may become a regular feature…I have the most amusing conversations with my oldest son!

(This is a cautionary tale that demonstrates that what you hear from your children may not actually be what they’re saying.)

Tonight, he was talking to me as I was cleaning up after dinner. Out of nowhere, he said, “Mommy, you know booze, right? Are they a kind of spirit?”

Now, what I heard, was “Boos.” You know, the ghost head characters in the Mario universe? So, I answered in the affirmative…a ghost is a kind of a spirit, (even if they’re not real).

But then I realized that we may be talking about two different things, so I asked him to clarify. And he said that he was asking about the kind of booze that people drink. Well, my answer remained the same…booze is a spirit.

Funny how those two (very) different conversations still resulted in the same answer. What I can’t figure out is why he pondering booze in the first place, and how he knew that alcohol is referred to as spirits!

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