Logically Defeated by a Four-Year-Old

This morning, Ladybug was looking at a picture in a book of an astronaut planting a flag on the moon. A little while later, she asked me, “Do astronauts live on a planet?”

I figured that she was thinking that the moon was a planet, and because astronauts were pictured there, she assumed they also lived there, so I answered, “No. Astronauts visit space, but they live on Earth.”

She looked at me, and said, “Earth is a planet, right?” Well, yes.

“And they live here?” Again, yes. See where this is going?

“So, astronauts live on a planet!”

Yes, Ladybug has transitive relations, (whenever A = B and B = C, then also A = C), figured out, even if she doesn’t know what they are. At four years old. I don’t think even Bunny could make that kind of connection. Then again, in actuality, Ladybug’s brain works in the same logical way that Turkey’s does, so I guess I shouldn’t be to surprised.

Because she’s the youngest, (for the next few weeks, anyway!), I overlook how intelligent she is, sometimes. But the way she can apply logic to situations, when she so desires of course, is rather astounding given her age, and actually frightens me a bit sometimes, because I’ve seen her think logically before, and it’s usually way over her supposed developmental level!

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