The Jesus Tree–Day Six

Our readings today were a little different from the ones we’ve done so far, in that they weren’t entirely in chronological order. First, we read the account of John 2:13-17, of Jesus cleansing the temple (this was also the passage behind our symbol for the day: the whip). That passage was chronologically next–still at the beginning of Jesus’s ministry. But, we also read the Matthew 21:12-13 account regarding the money-changers, which didn’t take place until Holy Week. So, thematically, the two readings went together, but time-wise, they were actually two separate events. I made a point of telling that to the children, because I know that as a child, I thought that the different money-changer stories were the same story, recorded by different authors, and I want to make sure that my children understand that Jesus actually had to do that twice during his ministry.

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