The Jesus Tree–Day Eight

Today’s reading was about Mary and Martha from Luke 10:38-42. I was a little surprised to discover that this story was recorded in only one Gospel. I guess because it’s such a familiar reading, I figured it was written in more than one book. It’s always good when even the teacher can learn something! I also discovered that, unless I missed it, this story isn’t included in The Story Bible. It’s understandable, because there’s no way they can include every Bible story in a children’s Bible, but it did mean I had to go digging through our other children’s Bibles to find this story, so that we could read it a second time today. I did finally find it in another CPH book–A Child’s Garden of Bible Stories. Hopefully, between these two Story Bibles, we’ll cover all of the rest of the Jesus Tree readings, because I’d hate to have to drag out our whole children’s Bible collections–we have at least three others, and probably more than that!

The symbol for today is a footstool. The Bible doesn’t specifically mention Mary sitting on a stool while listening to the Lord teach, but it does say that she sat at His feet, so I guess a footstool is a natural progression from that. I am wondering about the pink, padded, top to the stool, though–I think that may be a little on the anachronistic side!

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