The Stories Clothes Tell

When I saw Chickadee in this sundress today, I was hit with a flood of memories…

When I was pregnant with Bunny, I only had one ultrasound, unlike every other pregnancy, where I had several to many scans. And at that one ultrasound, they couldn’t determine if she was a girl or a boy because of the way she was positioned. But I knew she was a girl, with 100% certainty. This was surprising to me at the time, because I had had no clue at all about Turkey before his ultrasound, (although with every subsequent pregnancy, I also knew…must be an experienced mom thing!), so to be so sure came as something of a shock. Other people guessed I was having a girl, too, based on how I was carrying, but I knew it…as much as you can know that sort of thing without any proof.

So, when I saw this adorable little sundress prior to Bunny’s birth, I went out on a limb and took a leap of faith and bought it. In the back of my mind, I knew I could be wasting ten dollars, because it was purchased far enough before her birth that it would have been outside the return window by the time she arrived. But my heart knew that we were having a little girl who would look adorable in it. And if only the back of my mind had known that we’d have not one, but three girls to wear this dress, it wouldn’t have worried about the ten dollars at all!

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