Like Daughter, Like Mother?

In February, Ladybug got new glasses. Very cool, purple, zebra-striped glasses. I have to admit, I was a little jealous!

Fast forward to today. Since I had broken my glasses last month, and it had been over five years, and they were pretty worn anyway, I also got new glasses. Had they had the same ones Ladybug picked in adult sizes, I have to admit, I might have been tempted to order them. But they didn’t, and they really wouldn’t have been the right shape for my face, anyway. It wasn’t until after I chose and ordered a pair, however, that I realized that they do have something in common with the ones Ladybug got.

Apparently, we’re both into animal prints. Mine is a bit more subtle, being on the inside of the frame, but it’s still there. Usually, we say children take after their parents, but in this case, I think the reverse may be true, as Ladybug’s fashion sense seems to have rubbed off on me!

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