Third Grade: Week Twenty-Five Wrap-Up

Still working hard. Not a whole lot to say about this week. We did learn about John Sutter and the California Gold Rush in American History. Turkey and Bunny really enjoyed learning about the three tests to determine if you’ve really found gold…I think they would have enjoyed it more if they could have tested the theory on some actual gold! Unfortunately, I don’t keep gold nuggets around the house…

We eased back into science by watching the documentary Frozen Planet. This is an excellent series that details what life is like in the Arctic and Antarctic, for both animal and plant life. It’s a fascinating show, very well done with excellent videography. There are some brutal moments…nature is funny that way. The children were OK with that for the most part, except for one unfortunate incident involving a wolf and an arctic hare. There were also some cute, and even humorous, moments, particularly one involving a thieving penguin!

Four weeks of math left, and even less of grammar. We still have quite a few states to go through, but we may skim through some of them to get done sooner. Thanks to our special holiday units, by the time we’re done with math for the year, we’ll have hit our required number of days of school, and by then, I think we’ll be ready for another break!

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