Olympic Torches

I shared about our Olympic Torch craft in my last post, but they turned out so well, I thought some more detail was in order.

We started with a nine-inch square of white(ish) construction paper. Roll the square into a cone, and secure with tape. The fun thing here is that everyone can roll their cones differently. Some of the children wanted a narrow neck, while others preferred a really wide neck for a huge flame. It doesn’t matter how it turns out, as long as you like it!

Get a small stack of tissue paper. I had six sheets per torch, again about a nine-inch square. We used one sheet of red, two orange, and three yellow per torch, but the colors and combinations are, again, totally up to the designer.

Pinch the bottom center of the stack together, like you’re making a bunch of flowers. Fit into torch, and secure with craft glue.

You can also decorate the torch itself…Turkey added the London 2012 logo to his, while Bunny chose the Olympic Rings, and Ladybug doodled on hers. Moose preferred a clean, non-fussy look for his torch.

If you’re making more than one, you can make them in stages so that you can “light” one from another, as well!

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