Olympics School–Day Five

Today was “Flag Day!” No, not that Flag Day…today was the day where we each got to make our own personal flag, in anticipation of the “Parade of Nations” during the Opening Ceremonies. The children’s assignment was sketching out some ideas for their flags, including color ideas, and then choose a design, explain what the elements in the design symbolized, and then draw the finished product.

It was fun to see what each of the children came up with. Moose conned his big sister into helping him make a train flag, while Ladybug decided to stick with a British theme and go with a castle. Turkey’s was completely Olympics-focused, and included elements of the American and Union Flags, as well as the Olympic Rings.

Bunny went with the obvious…a bunny on a pink field.

To finish up our second venue of “Olympic Spirit Throughout the World,” we learned about the symbolism behind each of the flags on our medal chart, and looked through “Flags of the World” flashcards. It’s always interesting to see common elements (Hello, Scandinavia!), common colors (red, white, and blue are everywhere), and religious symbolism (crosses, crescents, and the Star of David).

Week one of two of our Olympics unit is finished, but we have plenty of fun activities planned for next week, too!

Today’s Passport Stamps: Flags of the World, London 2012 Logo, and Olympic Venue Two–The Olympic Spirit Throughout the World

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