Box Day 2012

“Box Day” is something of a misnomer this year, because the books weren’t actually in boxes this time around. Instead, I just gathered up most of the books we’ll be using (many of which we’ve had for a while), and spread them out on a table in the school room. There are a few books for later in the school year that I haven’t gotten yet, so those weren’t available for the children’s perusal…they’ll get to see them later in the school year.

I organized them by subject, for the most part. In addition to history, science, and electives, I also made a Ladybug stack. This consisted of a few books I’m especially looking forward to sharing with her during her kindergarten year. Here are the books we’ll be using for Religion:

I also put each child’s workbooks on his or her desk. Ladybug is very excited about her new books, to go with the Explode the Code books she’s already started!


Turkey and Bunny had their own (identical) stack of workbooks:

Everybody found something interesting to page through:

Another successful almost-start to the school year!

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