2012-13 School Year–Week Four

Another week done…next week, we’re taking a break! I was going to wait until we had finished five weeks of school before we took a week off, but teaching three students in two grades and caring for a baby (not to mention doing homework with Moose daily), has me completely fried. But I can admit when I need a break, which I think is an important lesson in homeschooling…when we started, I felt like we should go, go, go all the time, until I was really burnt out!

This week, Turkey and Bunny continued reviewing in math (will the review ever end?), and had the second math test of the year. They both had perfect scores, so I guess they didn’t forget too much over the summer! Ladybug is continuing to practice counting and number identification, which she really doesn’t need any more help with, but really enjoys, and school should be fun, especially in kindergarten, so she’ll keep up with her workbook.

We wrapped up our study of the skeletal system in science, and I continue to be impressed with our Apologia curriculum. We did several more mini-experiments, although we didn’t do the big experiment for this chapter (dissecting a cooked chicken bone). We did read about the experiment though, and made our own hypotheses before reading about what results we should have found. The children all added another mini-book to their workbooks, which I think is one of the most fun things about those books, and the children seem to agree with me.

In history, we’re learning about the Reconstruction. Although we’ll continue learning about that general period of time for the next few weeks, this was the week that we really got into the details of rebuilding the South, and the struggles the country continued to have. Next, we’ll be learning about the Wild West and the transcontinental railroad, which fits in perfectly with our current read-aloud, The Great Turkey Walk.

That’s the highlights of the week…now it’s time for a break!

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