2012-13 School Year–Week Five

We got back to work this week, after taking a week off. The vacation was nice, but I think we were all happy to get back to work.

This week, we wrapped up our regular religion lessons for the time being. Starting on Monday, we’ll be using the month of October to learn all about the Reformation. I discovered that my children don’t really know anything about the Reformation outside of Martin Luther, so  I thought a more in-depth study of the people and issues involved was in order. I’ve had a lot of fun planning our lessons, and we’ll be trying our hand at lapbooks for the first time ever…but more on that later!

We really got going with Writing Strands this week, and so far, I’m pleased with it. The first lesson wasn’t too involved, and I was wondering how much the children were going to get out of the text. Things really picked up with the second lesson, though, and I think it’s going to be a very useful writing program. I like the layout of the lessons, and the children have been amused by the assignments so far, which is always fun.

Our history studies this week focused on the Wild West following the Civil War. In a totally unplanned but completely felicitous homeschool moment, our read-aloud (The Great Turkey Walk), and history lesson lined up perfectly. I love when that happens, especially when it happens without any effort on my part! The Great Turkey Walk is one of the best unheard-of-by-me books we’ve read in our homeschooling journey…it’s right up there with The 100 Dresses as far as books I’m glad I stumbled upon.

In science, we tackled the entire lesson on the muscular system this week. I continue to be impressed with our Apologia science curriculum, and the children are loving the various activities they get to do. I’m so glad I bought the supply kit to go along with the curriculum…it’s so nice to have all of the supplies on hand, and even packaged by individual lesson. Anything that makes the teacher’s job easier is fine by me!

Ladybug continues to be my most enthusiastic student. She’s going to start learning to read soon, and is very excited about it. She’s really ready for it, too…she’s listening for letter sounds in words even when we don’t think she’s paying any attention, and she’s looking forward to being able to read for herself, just like her big sister!

2 thoughts on “2012-13 School Year–Week Five

  1. Ooh! I haven’t ever read The Great Turkey Walk but if it is right up there with 100 Dresses, I definitely want to read it! Looks like lots of great learning was happening at your home!

    • It is really good. I should probably warn you, though, that there is a little language in it. Nothing terrible, but if that sort of thing is a problem, you may want to read with caution!

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