The Hat

For years, I’ve wanted a hat. Not a baseball cap, not a winter hat, not a sun hat, a real, honest-to-goodness, lady’s hat, suitable for wearing to church and other places. I got pretty close at Easter with a fun fascinator, but it wasn’t quite the same. I always figured that when I did find a hat, it would be a lovely, springy, Easter hat, though.

Until last weekend, that is.

We were out Saturday, gallivanting about (thank you Ryan! for giving me a chance to gallivant), and stopped in at Macy’s so I could look at clothes. And then I saw it. The hat. It was just sitting there, waiting for me.

I tried it on, and fell in love. To be honest, I was somewhat dubious about ever actually finding a hat, much as I wanted one, because I’ve tried a lot of hats on, and for the most part, they looked ridiculous. But this one was just…me. As a matter of fact, someone at church Sunday (because I had to wear it immediately), said that the hat was very me.

I love it. The colors are perfect. The bow and feathers are fun and funky and make it interesting. The shape is perfect for my face and personal style. I love wearing it. I feel old-fashioned and trendy at the same time. Now I just need to find an outfit worthy of it, because the black skirt/white twinset combo just didn’t do it justice!

3 thoughts on “The Hat

  1. Janet K. says:

    It was so great seeing you in the hat Sunday. I had an older lady give me all her hats recently because she could not afford to throw them out. You give me courage to wear one. Hopefully, in November I will be brave. Before I wear one, I will make sure you will wear your hat and I will sit next to you.

  2. Isn’t funny how many of us want to wear hats, but we’re afraid we’ll look silly? I decided to be bold, though, because the hat is just that pretty! I’m definitely going to wear it every chance I get!

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