2012-13 School Year–Week Ten

This week was so busy, I need a vacation! Actually, we’re taking next week off, so I guess I get my wish. 😉

We finished up our Reformation studies this week, which included reading a book about Katie Luther, finishing the Reformation lapbook, and learning about the last few rulers, as well as Pope Leo X. We also made tissue paper Luther’s Seals, which the children really enjoyed, and looked really cool when they were done!

I’m not going to lie…math and spelling were rough this week. The factor trees caused some confusion on our test, so there will be a lot of reviewing that concept in the days ahead. In spelling, Turkey and Bunny were practicing the whole “I before E…” concept, and that didn’t go so well, either, so we’re going to do the whole lesson over. Sometimes, you just have to start over with a concept, even when homeschooling!

Instead of American history this week, we studied current events…so, basically things having to do with elections. We had a brief overview of the three branches of government, and what their jobs are, and also learned about how Presidential elections work. The children are looking forward to going to the polling place with me next week to see how voting works…I just hope none of them knocks over a voting booth like I did as a child!

We started the lesson on the respiratory system in science, as well. I kind of wish we hadn’t, because we only did the first half of the chapter, and now we’re going to have a week’s break before we finish it. I wasn’t planning on the vacation at the beginning of the week, though, so I’m just going to have to go with it.

We also started our “thankful tree” this week. This is something I really look forward to every November. It’s fun to see what the children write on their leaves each day. Sometimes, they list people, especially family members. Sometimes, they choose things to be thankful for…books and Legos are especially popular! And sometimes, they really surprise me and go with abstract ideas, like love. We’ve done thankful wreaths, turkeys, and cornucopias in the past, but the tree is my favorite…and it’s going to be especially impressive this year, with Ladybug adding her “thankfuls,” as well!

After our vacation next week, we’ll be starting “Thanksgiving School,” and instead of our usual history lessons, we’ll be learning about the Pilgrims and other early colonists, the Indians, and the history of the holiday in America. There will be some fun craft projects, as well. I can’t believe how early Thanksgiving is this year…it kind of snuck up on me!

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