Election Results 2012

I’m guessing you thought I was talking about the actual election? No, we had a much more pressing issue on the ballot in the Markel household this morning…a race between cake and pie!

Well, the results are in!

There were a total of six votes, with one abstention. (As Chickadee hasn’t tried either cake or pie yet, it didn’t seem fair to let her have a vote, although I did consider doing this “Chicago Style,” and voting for her!)

Pie had a landslide victory, winning five of the six votes.

Frankly, I feel that pie may have had an unfair advantage, it being so close to Thanksgiving. The children have been putting in their pie requests, and they know that I’ll make at least four, if not five pies, and that they’ll not only get to sample as many of them as they want on Thanksgiving, but they’ll also get to have pie for breakfast that Friday. How could you not vote for that dessert given that information? I wonder if the results would have been different had we had a primary back in the spring, when I was baking a cake each week to celebrate the season of Easter?

It was a silly activity, but hopefully, it gave the children a small taste of the democratic process. Or maybe it just made them hungry!

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