A Peek Inside the Eckert’s Holiday Open House

Today (and tomorrow) is the annual Eckert’s Holiday Open House. This has become one of the most-anticipated events of the year in our household…for me, because I love seeing all of the new items (like Stonewall Kitchen Holiday Jam), and buying some old favorites (like pumpkin butter and apple cider), and for the children, because they love sampling everything from jams and jellies to dips to fruit and even turkey!

If you’ve never been to Eckert’s, you’re missing out. When Ryan and I first lived in St. Louis when we were newly married, we made the trip across the river to Illinois to go apple picking at Eckert’s in the fall. Who knew we’d end up living so close to the orchard and be able to bring our children “out to the farm” so often?

One of the main draws at Eckert’s is the bakery.

So many kinds of pie!

And fudge…

There’s a butcher counter…

And you can have a gift basket made…

Different kinds of popcorn…

And treats galore!

It’s especially fun to be there during the Open House, because it’s all decorated so beautifully for Christmas, from the Country Store to the Garden Center!

In addition to the many samples the children tried, there was also a craft area set up in the Garden Center, with several different activities from which to choose. By the bakery, they also able to to try their hands at icing a sugar cookie with their initials…fun and delicious! I like collecting all of the recipes that are scattered throughout the store (tonight’s dinner of apple butter pork chops is one such recipe)…one of these days, I’m actually going to buy the new Eckert Family Fall Cookbook. It’s always fun to spend an afternoon at Eckert’s, whether we’re out in the apple orchard or pumpkin patch, or exploring all the Country Store has to offer!

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