2012-2013 School Year–Week Twelve

This was a short school week for us, because of Thanksgiving…we only had 2 1/2 days of school. The bulk of our schoolwork naturally focused on Thanksgiving:

We also finished our “Thankful Tree” on Thanksgiving Day. Here’s a sample of what the children have found to be thankful for over the course of the month:

  • Turkey–Legos, education, the military.
  • Bunny–Reading, policemen, warmth in the winter.
  • Ladybug–Clothes, our pastor, the Bible.
  • Moose (who declined to be pictured)–Birthdays, Christmas trees, Chickadee.

I”m very proud of the things and people they thought of, and the fact that being thankful is so important to them!

Other than Thanksgiving School, we did a lot of review on Monday and Tuesday. We practiced our newest math skill, multiplying double-(and triple!) digit numbers by double-digit numbers, a lot. In the process, Turkey managed to find a mistake I made in solving a problem I had set up! At least I know he was paying attention! We reviewed regular and irregular verbs in grammar, and went over our “i before e” words a little more in spelling. We finished learning about the story of Joseph and his brothers in religion, and reviewed the respiratory system in science. We even had some special Thanksgiving Bible verses for dictation/copywork/handwriting (I was not popular for that, because there was so much tricky punctuation in the dictation)!

Next week, we’ll be back to our regular school schedule, but only for one week…then it will be time for our Jesse Tree and Christmas School!

One thought on “2012-2013 School Year–Week Twelve

  1. Pastor Kumm says:

    And although I am thankful for all of you, and thank God for you daily, I’m especially thankful for “George” too. 🙂

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