Thirty-Seven Weeks

The pictures for this week aren’t that great. The light (or lack thereof), just didn’t cooperate. I wanted to get a picture of Chickadee with her “Baby’s First Christmas” stocking (Bunny’s idea), and this is the best I could do. We’ll just pretend that she isn’t chewing on the Baby Jesus from the Little People nativity! (I tried to get her interested in a sheep instead, honest!)


We finally put the ornaments on the tree today. While we put up the tree and the lights the weekend before Thanksgiving, it’s become our tradition to wait until the commemoration of Saint Nicholas to put the ornaments on the tree (probably because I always put the children’s ornaments for the year in their stockings, along with their gold chocolate coins, Hershey’s kisses, and oranges). This is Chickadee’s “Baby’s First Christmas” ornament, which is perfect for her, because she’s had a love affair with various elephants since she was a few months old! She wasn’t too interested in the tree-trimming, though…she just wanted to eat all the ornaments!


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