The Dierbergs Difference

A few times over the last month, we’ve stopped in at the new Dierbergs in the area. The first time, it was mostly out of curiosity, partly because I’d heard it was nice, and partly because they have a vermaport, which I’m a big fan of! And it was nice, so much so that the children kept begging to go back (they’re weird like me). This isn’t really feasible, because it’s all the way out in West County, but we did find ourselves out that way a few times doing holiday shopping, so we hopped in whenever we passed by.


It’s very different from most grocery stores, at least that I’ve been to. The biggest difference is the second floor “Mezz,” which has a bar/eating area, seating that overlooks the store, and the Dierbergs School of Cooking.


The store has many other amenities as well, from the simple (a giant trail mix bar), to the elaborate (a made to order sushi bar). There’s a nice bakery, specialty food items, a florist, pharmacy, and urgent care center in the store as well. One of the children’s favorite things about this store are the samples around every corner…they tried ice cream, pizza, cheese, dips, cookies, and probably some other stuff I’m not remembering. You can truly eat lunch there, just wandering around and running into different samples!

I wish we had a store this nice near us…I think that would be all it would take to break me of my nasty Walmart habit!

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