Forty-Four Weeks

Chickadee has been a lot of fun this week. She’s saying “mama” all the time, now (although her favorite time to do so is when she wants something off my plate!), and she’s really enjoying clapping her hands. Whenever she hears cheering or clapping, even on the TV, she joins in, and I love the sound of her pudgy little baby hands slapping together! Last night at dinner, she even folded said hands to pray with us…it’s so exciting to see faith formation in someone so small! She’s also continuing to work on growing her hair…today she has a rather Einstein-y look about her!


Today Chickadee took a moment to actually look at a book before attempting to chew on it…progress!


P1230267I’ll be curious to see how she ever learns how to walk without holding onto something…she has these big, pudgy legs, and tiny feet and ankles. They can hardly hold her up–adorable!


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