2012-13 School Year–Week Twenty-Two

We had another fun, busy week of school! Of course the highlight of the week was Valentine’s Day. In addition to making traditional Valentines for our loved ones, we also made Valen-“swines!”


We read about the real St. Valentine, and had a Valentine’s Day tea party, as well:


We did do some actual work in school this week, too. We learned about the liturgical year and the liturgy in religion, just as a refresher before the beginning of Lent, and started our Jesus Tree. Turkey and Bunny continued to work on geometry in math, did a fun writing assignment that took all week to perfect, and worked on some easily confused words in grammar. We all finished the lesson on the nervous system in science, and got to World War I in history. Ladybug continued her two-week study of the letter “O,” and has moved on to capital letters in handwriting.

Only a month until our next big vacation…is it wrong that I’m already looking forward to it?

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