The Things I’ll Miss

Around each of our children’s first birthdays, I’ve written a list of the things I’ll miss from their first year of life…those special baby things and moments I don’t want to forget. There have been general baby items, like that baby smell or a toothless baby grin, and things specific to each child, such as the way Bunny used to hook her index finger over her nose while she sucked her thumb. Here are just a few of the things from Chickadee’s “things I’ll miss” list:

  • The newborn “slow blink”
  • Her adorably hairy ears
  • How expressive her legs are, happy or angry
  • Cute baby snores
  • The way she’d hold my hair
  • Huge baby yawns
  • “So big”
  • Dancing together
  • Sticking her tongue out
  • Cute baby noises
  • Playing “you can’t catch me!”

There are so many more things on my list and in my heart and mind, but this gives you an idea of what a special first year we’ve had with our little Chickadee!

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