A Crash Course on Autism

In honor of World Autism Awareness Day, here are a few things autism is NOT:

  • Autism is NOT the result of poor parenting.
  • Autism is NOT caused by “refrigerator mothers.” Sadly, there are still people, even in the mental health world, that continue to believe that this is true.
  • Autism is NOT caused by a lack of discipline…a good spanking will not “cure” my child of autism.
  • Autism is NOT caused by watching TV.
  • Autism is NOT contagious, so you don’t have to hurry away when you see an autistic child having a meltdown…your kid can’t catch it.
  • Autism is NOT a punishment from God…quite the contrary. At times, it can be a great blessing, because it helps you learn to appreciate even the smallest achievements as great successes!
  • Autism is NOT your fault.

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