Driveway Math

Since the weather was actually nice yesterday morning, we took our math outside. Ladybug worked on filling in a number grid, using different colors for the 10s numbers, and the 5s numbers that aren’t also 10s. She loves math and sidewalk chalk, so this was great fun!


Turkey and Bunny worked on adding decimals, which isn’t difficult in and of itself, but they do need practice keeping the numbers in the right place value columns.


They also added fractions with different denominators. Also not too challenging, but the practice was good for them!


Bunny wanted to give me a problem to solve, too, but she came up with one too complicated for her to know if I was correct! I guess she’ll just have to take my word for it! Next time, I’ll have to add some equations to the mix, and see if I can stump them.

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