2012-13 School Year–Week Thirty

I can’t believe we’ve finished 30+ weeks of school! Just about four more to go…we might have a little break in there somewhere, or we may just go for four more weeks straight, but we’re almost done with the fifth year of what started as a one-year experiment!

We had a cold hit our house last week, and while it wasn’t as bad as when I had strep throat earlier in the month, I’m just tired of runny noses, coughing, and people being crabby because they don’t feel quite right. I’m hoping things are better next week…it makes school so much easier when everybody is feeling normal!

We started our school week last on Sunday, with a field trip at our local orchard/farm. It was a lot of fun, and we learned way more than I was expecting. Some of the topics of the tour including greenhouse growing, peach thinning, crop rotation, the use of beehives for cross-pollination, and how rotating trellises work and are useful. The children each got to plant some parsley seeds while we were there, too…so far, only one pot has sprouted, but the again, we haven’t seen much sun this week. Hopefully we’ll see some more parsley plants in the next few days!


Since we learned so much about farms and plants on Sunday, we carried on that theme in science this week (which was helpful, since we only have one chapter left in our science textbook, which will take us a maximum of two weeks to complete). We learned more about farms, and what happens during the different months of the year, and also learned all about plants. We also did some more flower identification, since there is a new group of trees blossoming locally.

In history, we continued learning about the post WWII era. We spent a lot of time discussing the movement of people from urban areas to the new suburbs that were popping up. It’s hard to imagine America without suburbs! We also learned about the advent of new things like McDonald’s and Holiday Inn.

Turkey and Bunny’s math lessons focused primarily on the metric system, and how to convert measurements from centimeters to meters to dekameters and back to millimeters. They then did the same conversions with grams and liters. They also worked on reviewing decimals, which comes in handy when doing the aforementioned conversions!

We did do more last week, but it’s all kind of a blur…too many sleepless nights, I guess. Hopefully tomorrow will dawn bright and germ-free!

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