What a Difference a Year Makes!

Last year, we were praying for rain. We started the year with a dry spring, and it just got worse all summer, until we were in the midst of a pretty severe drought. But the rain just wouldn’t fall.

This year is completely different so far. It seems like all it ever does is rain. Every time I think the nice weather has arrived, we have another chilly, damp, rainy day. Yes, it’s better than a drought, but it’s really just another extreme.

I’m hoping for some nice, clear days soon. Turkey would like to get out and start practicing for baseball, and Ladybug really wants to make some chalk art on the driveway. Bunny and Moose are also wanting to be outside at a playground. Until it dries out some, though, none of those activities is going to be very fun, if they’re possible at all!

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