2012-13 School Year–Week Thirty-Two

Not a whole lot to report this week, as we’re mainly continuing to wrap things up. Math and history are really the only two subjects we have any considerable work left in. We still have some religion, writing, and spelling to do, and our read-aloud isn’t anywhere near finished, but those things take up a lot less time than math and history!

We’re taking next week off. I know it probably seems silly, taking a week of vacation when we only have two weeks of school left, but if we don’t take a break, I may not have the energy to finish the school year! We will be taking our annual field trip to our local art fair, though, so at least we’ll be doing something!

I’m looking forward to wrapping up this school year. The boxes of curriculum for next year are just too enticing to focus on this year much longer!

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