The Flying Saucer

Last night, before going to the baseball game, we went to the Flying Saucer for dinner. I’d never been there before, and the food (and beer!) was really good!


I tried a flight of German beers, all of which were new to me, by brewer or variety (or both!). I liked them all, but the kölsch was my favorite.


I ordered something off the appetizer menu for my dinner: the Hungry Farmer. You can choose either three or five selections of meat and cheese–I went with three. I had black pepper salami, brie, and cotswold…it was delicious! It also came with a selection of crackers, apple slices, tapenade, mustard, and almonds, which I wasn’t expecting, but complemented the meal perfectly. The menu offered a beer pairing suggestion for each selection, but since I already had my beer flight, I didn’t need to try any of those…maybe another time.


It was the perfect place to eat before a game. It’s literally within a stone’s throw from the stadium, and the types of food offered are just what you want to eat on a game day. We got there before it got too crowded, which I prefer, but it was nice to see that most of the customers there were in their Cardinal red just like we were. I would definitely like to go back and try something new!

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