School Room 2013-14

The school room hasn’t changed too much for this year…I did add another bookshelf for my teacher’s guides and our references books in the last remaining space, and this year, we will have three banners up year-round, but the general layout is the same:





I do have a long-term plan for this room, that may or may not ever be implemented. If we ever get around to replacing the couch and chairs in our living room, I plan to bring one of those recliners upstairs, and get rid of the school room couch. This would be a little bittersweet, because I do love when we snuggle on the couch and read, but on the other hand, if I just had a cozy chair instead (because the teacher needs a comfortable seat!), it would free up room for a small desk with a school computer, and maybe even one more bookshelf. If I can make all of that happen someday, it will be the homeschool room of my dreams (although, it’s already pretty darn close!).

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