2013-14 School Year–Week Three

We ended up just taking the day off on Labor Day…we didn’t even go apple picking! It was nice to have a day to relax, though, even if we’d only completed two weeks of school!

The rest of the week was busy, as usual. There were a lot of commemorations to read about this week, in addition to our regular Bible readings. We also learned about Rosh Hashanah, as part of our trip through the Jewish year. I even made a challah crown, which was a huge hit, especially when drizzled with honey. The children are already asking when I’m going to make it again…what have I started? Yeast breads always scare me, but I guess I do OK with them!

Turkey and Bunny have been working with improper fractions and mixed number fractions in math, which is a lot less intimidating than they (or I) thought it would be. They also got to use calculators for the first time, and they were surprised to learn that even if you use a calculator, sometimes you still get the answer wrong! User error and all…

Ladybug’s continuing to improve with her reading, and she’s starting to get the idea of listening to herself read so that she can follow the story, and not just say the words. It’s fun watching her have fun with it, especially when the stories are silly. She was also very excited to get minus zero on her second spelling test, and, of course, she made sure to point it out to her older siblings, who had each missed two. Of course, the fact that she only had six words, while they had twenty, was lost on her, but I appreciate her enthusiasm!

We learned about pyramids and mummies in history this week, and I stayed true to my word…no chicken mummies for us! There are just some things I’m unwilling to do. Maybe that makes me a bad homeschooling mom, but when I told the children about the experiment, they were all relieved that we hadn’t tried it, so I can’t be that bad.

We continued our study of Greek myths, as well. Turkey and Bunny had their first mythology test, and other than the map work, which tripped them up a bit (but just a bit), they both got perfect scores. There’s a part of me that wonders why we’re even studying them, when they’ve both read our myths books so many times, but I still think it’s good for them to put pen to paper and explain some of the finer points of the stories. Plus, everyone likes having a subject at which they know they’ll excel!

Our science studies took us to the sun this week. We discussed fun things like sun spots and solar flares and the Northern Lights. We tried imagining just how big a solar flare could be, after reading that they can reach out millions of miles from the sun. I admit, I think we probably failed on grasping that size and distance, but it certainly did emphasize why solar flares can affect things like communications here on earth!

I confess…still no Latin. I really do intend to get started on it, but the short week was enough to convince me that this wasn’t the right time. No, it doesn’t take a lot to convince me, but we’ll get there. And if the only thing I’m shirking is an elective, then I still think we’re doing OK!

3 thoughts on “2013-14 School Year–Week Three

  1. In spite of not getting to Latin, you had a good week. This week was short for us and we didn’t get to everything either.

    I am making note of the fruit mummy for next year, when we tackle the Ancients.

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