Not Part of the Family?

The Cardinals team store online, as part of a larger MLB shops promotion, is advertising 20% off select tees and fleece for the whole family.

Great! There’s a long-sleeve t-shirt in the women’s plus department that I’ve had my eye on, but didn’t want to buy at full price. Time to shop!

But, when I go to check out the sale, that shirt is not included. OK, fine. It’s not all tees and fleece, I get that. (The exact same shirt, which has the exact same regular price, in the misses section is on sale, but I digress.)  But, upon closer inspection, I realize that not one single women’s plus-size shirt is included in the sale. Not one. Men have options, even big and tall men. Boys and girls are both covered. Plus size women, though? Guess we’re just out of luck. Maybe we just don’t count as part of the “whole” family.

The only other group left out is the infant/toddler/preschooler crowd, and given that there aren’t even t-shirts or fleece available in most of those sizes, that’s understandable. But not having one plus-size shirt that the “family” sale applies to? Now we’re just bordering on size discrimination!

Guess I’ll just go stand in the corner with the other kids not cool enough to shop with MLB.

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