2013-14 School Year–Week Five

This week went by incredibly fast! I guess that’s what happens when you’re so busy learning so many different things!

In spite of the speed at which the week went by, it was a pretty routine week. Nothing particularly exciting to report in math or language arts (although, I do have to mention how impressed I am at how quickly Ladybug has been memorizing her addition facts!). Turkey and Bunny’s writing skills seem to be improving quite a bit, although Turkey does still write the way he talks a lot of the time…we’re working on that.

We’re continuing to make our way through ancient history. This week we learned about Hammurabi and his code of laws, some of which the children though were very unfair! We also learned about the first great fairy-tale (Gilgamesh). The children really liked the tale, especially the part about Enkidu…they’re fond of half-human, half-beast stories!

Our science lessons this week took us to the planet Mercury. Turkey, of course, knew most of what I taught them before I ever got started…he’s a walking space encyclopedia! We did have fun simulating the impact of asteroids on Mercury’s surface, using different-sized marbles dropped from various heights and at various speeds into a bowl of flour. The children really enjoyed seeing how they could make the biggest crater possible!

We’re nearing the end of our elective studies of the history of England, which we began in summer school. We’ve been reading Our Island Story (an excellent book that I can’t say enough good things about!), and we’ve reached the time of William and Mary. It’s been interesting reading about the colonization of America from the British point of view! When we finish that book, we’re going to start reading about the history of Scotland in Scotland’s Story, which coincides perfectly with an upcoming field trip…details to follow!

We’re getting close to our fall break…I haven’t quite decided when it will be. Not next week, but we always take a week off in October, to enjoy the beautiful fall weather and changing leaves!

7 thoughts on “2013-14 School Year–Week Five

    • I’m really enjoying it. The first time through the ancients, I did not have a good time, which I think is because of the curriculum we were using…otherwise, history has always been my favorite subject. This time around, though…it’s just so much fun!

    • I’m hoping to do a leaf study this fall, like I did in the fifth grade. They’ll collect a whole bunch of leaves, identify their scientific and common names, and whether they’re simple or compound, toothed or smooth leaves. They’ll also note what kind of fruit/nuts/pods they produce (if any), and press the leaves, then turn the whole thing into a book. I’ve been looking forward to giving them this assignment pretty much since we started homeschooling…it’s going to be so much fun!

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