What Gives?

If I remember correctly, a few years ago, I told my family I was no longer going to make an Oktoberfest feast, because it’s just too much work.

Since then, our Oktoberfest observation has gotten more complicated. What gives?

The menu tomorrow includes appetizers of homemade soft pretzels and cheddar-beer fondue, with a dinner of Jaeger Schnitzel, noodles (the spätzle really is too much work–I’ve tried it!), and sauerkraut. And, for dessert, I’m make a Black Forest cherry torte for the first time. And it’s authentic…I tracked down the very hard-to-find kirschwasser to make it!

This is pretty much the opposite of not celebrating Oktoberfest anymore. I guess I’m suffering from a combination of “I-love-my-family-and-like-making-special-celebrations-for-them,” and “I’m-proud-to-be-German-and-don’t-get-to-recognize-it-often-enough.”

Oh well. I had given up the idea of having a quiet time of year, celebrations-wise, a while ago. There’s always something fun to do, even if it does mean a lot of work for me!

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